Bonsai Services


Collection Management

Full services in health, styling and maintenance of private and public  Bonsai collections.  Pest management is also included in this service

Private Workshops

These workshops are for those individuals that are looking for a more focused and hands on training regiment.  Lessons are taught and understood at an accelerated pace due to 100 percent of my attention.

Group Workshops

These workshops are great for groups of Bonsai enthusiast that enjoy working on bonsai together.  These workshops keep cost down for the individual and the knowledge is shared among the group.

Study Groups

Study Groups are continuation of single Group Workshops.  This allows for follow-up to the groups bonsai education and tree development.  Study Groups members also have access to me via email with individual questions about Bonsai.


2-3 hour demonstrations on material or lecture on specific topics for a club or large group setting.

Bonsai Styling

Tree styling ranges from initial development of a tree to refinement for show (Note: Will only style healthy trees at the proper time of year).

If you would like more information on my specific services and cost, contact me at: 



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