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86th Annual Kokufu-ten

86th Annual Kokufu-ten

Good friends from the US visiting the show!

The 86th annual Kokufu-ten show is held every year in Tokyo and it was both tiring and fun being apart of it.  This year Aichien only put one tree in the show but we did help out the Daiju-en Bonsai family which put in 13 trees into the show.  This was the first time I attended Kokufu during my apprenticeship so it was exciting to see the behind the scene stuff.  Since I was there for the set up of the show, I was able to get a bunch of pictures of the trees so I’m sharing them with you now.  There was over 200 trees at the show and I’m going to show you about 65 of them.  Four trees won the covenant Kokufu prize this year and I got shots of all them.  Instead of making this a huge post about all the things I did, I’m just going to give it to you in this slideshow.  This way, I can get back to the large Black Pine that I’m wiring.  Hehehe.  There are over 100 pictures in the slide show so sit back relax and enjoy the show!

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Thanks for visiting the show.  Now that you’ve seen pictures, perhaps you can plan a future trip to Japan and see the show in person.  It’s a whole experience in itself!

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